Personalised Toy Story 4 Story Book

£24.99 £21.99

Product Code: SG-08160220010-20
Personalised Toy Story 4 Story BookPersonalised Toy Story 4 Story Book

Personalised Toy Story 4 Story Book

by Love Unique Personal

£24.99 £21.99

Product Code: SG-08160220010-20

Join Woody, Buzz and the gang for the fourth instalment of the iconic Toy Story franchise.


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Personalised Toy Story 4 Story Book

A personalised book that faithfully recreates the story of the ‘Toy Story 4’ film will be one the recipient will cherish as it features their name throughout the story! Ignite someone’s imagination when they read their own name included alongside some of their favourite characters.

Bonnie makes a new toy and names him Forky, who Woody vows to look after, leading him, Buzz and the rest of the toys on an epic adventure. Along the way they meet old and new faces alike adding to the fun and the drama of the story.

Available in softback and hardback covers, this personalised children’s book is also personalised with the recipient’s name on the front cover and also on the inside page next to a personal message.

A photo of the child can also be added to the back page of the book. A special Disney gift box can also be added to this product for £5 RRP.

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