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Montessori inspired toys that will grow with your child!

We’ve chosen Montessori-inspired toys that will inspire imagination and encourage open-ended play from the baby years through toddlerhood and beyond. Your littles will come back to these toys again and again!

Personalised Kids Wooden Teddy Xylophone Toy

This lovely Personalised Kids Wooden Teddy Xylophone Toy makes a great gift for any little one. Especially if they love to play with musical instruments! Helps the little ones get a feel for all the different sounds and melodies, keeping them entertained for hours! This provides the perfect opportunity the perfect opportunity for you to sit down with your child too, and help them explore the different sounds, as it comes with two sticks! Perfect for some quality time! You can shop the teddy xylophone here!

Personalised World Wooden Stacking Toy

This is a visually stunning colour sorting challenge for young children. Making this a Fun yet Intellectual toy making it perfect as a Montessori activity! Perfect for little learners who enjoy a challenge! This unique “stack and sort” balancing rocker is both fun and challenging. Your child will develop problem solving and logic skills as they follow the cards to sort and stack the colourful discs in the correct order, which will keep them busy for a long time! Shop this stacking toy here!

Personalised Wooden Safari Mini Beaded Puzzle

This Wooden safari mini beaded puzzle is great for so many reasons! There is a choice of 6 different puzzles, all of which are full of colour, helping the young ones to learn their colours, count the beads, name the animal and help learn to spell their name! So many learning possibilities for one little toy! Not to mention that it could be great for an ‘on the go option’. Shop this puzzle here and check out our pastel colour version here!

Personalised Kids Wooden Toy Popcorn Machine

  • Wow! How fun is this popcorn toy! It has so many great features to make the children feel like they’re really serving popcorn! Including popcorn pieces (that look really real!) Toys like these encourage speech development, social skills and creative imagination. Not to mention this toy is eco friendly and of course made with sustainable wood and non toxic paints! Shop here!

We hope you enjoy exploring some Montessori based activities with our toys and enjoy watching your children having endless hours of fun! You can shop all of our wooden toys here!